By Anna North (Contributing Writer, Jezebel)
Are you a woman with an entrepreneurial bent? By all means, follow your dreams — but when you’re drafting that business plan, stick to things you’re naturally good at. Like shopping!

That’s the advice a female venture capitalist gave at the recent Grace Hopper Conference on Women in Computing.

Writes Tara Tiger Brown at Forbes:

Imagine for a second what your reaction might be if you went to a panel to hear from other women about their experiences doing a tech startup and a VC, the person that funds startups, told you that she thinks that women should work on things they are naturally gifted at, and she believes shopping is one of them. After she uttered those words my mouth was agape for the rest of the panel.

Brown bemoaned the effect this advice might have on the conference’s young audience — but really, she and her fellow listeners should probably just embrace their God-given love of shoes.

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