By Baat Enosh (VP Operations, Founder Labs)

For the past 4 years, I’ve been living and breathing “Women In Tech” conversations. I’ve been working with Women 2.0, Founder Labs, and the National Center for Women & IT, focusing on getting more women to get into computing and found startups.

The conversation is complex and at time confusing. We are definitely in the middle of a revolution, and no doubt the outcome will produce a more equal and better world. But the question is — how do we get there? Which parts of the puzzle do we need to focus on, and how do we do it?

While sifting through the different arguments, from stereotype threat (as researched by Joshua Aronson or addressed with NCWIT’s resources) to hidden biases in the current system — it is hard to pinpoint where to focus.

I love Sheryl Sandberg’s talks. I really do — more than any other talk on the topic, because Sheryl does a few things tremendously well:

  1. She talks about things others don’t.
  2. She focuses on solutions in a palatable manner. So anyone can get it.
  3. She organizes my thoughts.

Sheryl Sandberg’s recent keynote at the Grace Hopper Celebration for Women in Computing brought additional focus to two important items:

  1. Choosing the right partner — and having partnership discussions are vital to your future and your career. Men need to be a part of this conversation. in fact, involving them is crucial!
  2. Senior executives should talk about issues women are having — rather than pretend they don’t exist.

From my experience, these two topics are left most untouched. I understand the difficulties of diving into them, but just because they are difficult to address, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t focus on them.

So let’s continue this conversation, and let’s make sure we leverage and highlight work done by inspiring leaders… Thank you Sheryl for stepping up!

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About the guest blogger: Baat Enosh is VP Operations for Founder Labs. Baat grew up in Jerusalem, Israel and now lives in the energetic and creative community of Silicon Valley. Prior to Founder Labs, Baat ran the NCWIT Entrepreneurial Alliance and Operations for Women 2.0. Baat builds on 10 years of work in the tech industry. In addition to raising her 2 boys, Baat is a skydiving competitor and loves to ski, and indoor rock-climb. Baat holds a B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Follow her on Twitter at @baatenosh.