By Tereza Nemessanyi (Co-Founder & CEO, Honestly Now)
A few weeks ago I read this post about a woman founder and her cool product, and thought, “Hey! I have to buy this for Xmas for my girls!”

Subsequently, Peggy Wallace of Golden Seeds, who sits on my Board, shared with me her insights from the Women’s Forum in France. Women wield significant economic might, but this does not translate back to economic empowerment for women or sustainability of the planet.

The holiday season is around the corner. I have a LOT of gifts to buy — allegedly, 80%+ of my household spend. So far I’ve bought ZERO.

This creates an interesting test. Of ALL the gifts I need to buy this holiday, could I spend at least half of those dollars on women-led businesses? Or 80%? Is 100% even possible? We know that women plow their money straight back into the economy, to everyone’s benefit. And we sure know a lot of women-led companies.

Anyone want to join me in seeing how much XX we can buy, and help me write about it?

I’d like to create and share back out a comprehensive 2011 Holiday Shopping Guide of awesome products and services created by women-led companies… for all the people on your list. Put our heads together and it would be quite a list.

Please stick your juicy suggestions here. You can submit as many as you like. Also interested in shopping guides and decision-making tools that are women-led, like SheFinds, Buyosphere, you name it.

I want my 360-degree shopping efforts to support my ladies. And please pass this on to any women business owners you know. I’ll synthesize and share ’em back out.

I need submissions by November 16, 2011 so we can turn it around and publish before Black Friday.

And, naturally, I’ll be posting out gift ideas through questions on Honestly Now. So if you haven’t signed up and become a Pro there yet, let me know so I can upgrade you.

Anyone interested in helping me out on this in some other way? Please contact me.

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About the guest blogger: Tereza Nemessanyi is the Co-Founder and CEO of Honestly Now, a Q&A social game which helps us make awesome personal decisions, together. She is passionate about women in high-growth entrepreneurship, and frequently write and speak on the topic. Her blog Mashups, Markets and Motherhood has set off a number of discussions across the industry. Tereza is a wife, mom of two kids, and an entrepreneur and thinks each is the best job on earth, and savors every day. Follow her on Twitter at @terezan.