By Nieves Fernández Agras (Founding Partner, Familia Facil)

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With little time to keep the books after graduating in Law and Economics and Business (E-3) from the Universidad Pontificia Comillas in 1994, I began my career at Accenture as a senior consultant in the strategy department. For six years, I learned a lot and carried out several projects that gave a broad overview in mergers of companies, strategic plans, restructuring, process reengineering, and so on.

At the end of that period, I became a partner of Overlap Marketing and Training Consultants, which I led for five years the company management and development of the new area of business: e-Learning. In this period, I had direct contact with the business management of a company and led the implementation of the strategic plan of the company, the establishment of adequate management control and the creation from scratch of a department with more than 30 people consisting of programmers, designers, educators and consultants that she led during three years.

My professional background, my experience as a mother, entrepreneurial spirit and passion for business on the Internet led me to found Familia Facil in 2010, a project that was released in January 2011 after one year of research and development of the business plan and the technical platform.

Familia Facil is a platform that easily integrates supply and demand in the “Services to the Person” sector:

  1. Families: With its powerful search engine, facilitates the selection of most appropriate domestic profiles.
  2. Candidates: Private individuals seeking for a job who publish their biodata for free.
  3. Recruitment agencies: In the platform, candidates are published and clients obtained.

In just 9 months, Familia Facil has been visited by 255,000 people, 1,570,000 page views and over 45,000 candidates seeking for a job in Spain. The Page Rank is 5. All these data makes me very optimistic about the future of Familia Facil.

Moreover, just two months ago, I just closed my first round of financing with major Internet players in Spain as shareholders (Bonsai Venture Capital, myself (CEO, Rentalia), Ignacio Gonzalez Barros (Founder, Infojobs & CEO, Salir) among others.

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About the guest blogger: Nieves Fernández Agras is Founding Partner of, helping people find domestic workers in Spain.