By Arielle Patrice Scott (Founder, GenJuice)
You have the capacity to think outside of the box, the guts to go where no one else will dare to go, and the ability to recruit teams who will believe in your ideas passionately enough to work for their promise. Now, your talents can be useful beyond your own business.

These skills are highly sought after by the largest companies in the world. They struggle to innovate and think of new business opportunities. In fact, most of the truly innovative ideas get marked with red tape within the bureaucracy. Once assigned this fate, the idea has no chance to grow further.

The GameChanger Products team has collaborated with the GenJuice team to solve this problem for companies by creating the GameChanger Combinator. Young and successful entrepreneurs are hired by large companies for short term innovation projects.

The entrepreneurs will be asked to come up with a few new business ideas related to a particular product or need for the company and will pitch their ideas back to the company as if they were pitching to VCs.

If you think your entrepreneurial skills will be a good fit for a GameChanger Combinator project, please email arielle (at) genjuice (dot) com. Let’s make innovation happen!

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About the guest blogger: Arielle Patrice Scott is a young entrepreneur who’s been working on creative startup ideas targeting young adults since she was 18. She came up with the idea for GenJuice out of her thesis connected with the current GenJuice team. Recently, Arielle was featured on Arielle holds a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies of Information Technology from UC Berkeley. Follow her on Twitter at @ariellescott.