By Amy Millman (Co-Founder & President, Springboard Enterprises)
Last week, Mark Suster and Gina Bianchini called attention to some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to women in tech: “Why Aren’t There More Female Entrepreneurs?” and “Is there a Female Mark Zuckerburg?”

Whenever this happens, we know Women 2.0 will respond with a list of female founders to watch.

This time, we thought we’d help by announcing 15 female founders of digital media and technology companies presenting at the Springboard: 2011 Venture Forum on October 25 in New York City. For more info and to register, click here.

A total of 37 women-led companies were added this year to the Springboard portfolio (now 481).

Here are the 15 female founders presenting at Springboard: 2011 Venture Forum:

Jan Bruce (Founder & CEO, meQuilibrium)
Jan founded meQuilibrium, a digital platform to track and manage daily stress (think Weight Watcher for stress). Follow her on Twitter at @janbruce and her startup at @meQuilibrium.

Eloise Bune (Founder & CEO, Gracious Eloise)
Eloise founded Gracious Eloise, making handwritten notes as easy to create and track as email. Follow her on Twitter at @eloisebune and her company at @GraciousEloise.

Ellie Cachette (Founder & CEO, ConsumerBell)
Ellie founded ConsumerBell, the online marketplace for broadcasting and managing product recalls. Follow her on Twitter at @ecachette and her company at @consumerbell.

Katherine de León (Co-Founder & CEO, Cull TV)
Katherine de Leon founded Cull TV, an online entertainment company that broadcasts curated music video channels. Follow her on Twitter at @KdeL and her company at @culltv.

Jody Fennell (Co-Founder & CEO, Abundant Closet)
Jody founded Abundant Closet, allowing consumers to bring the entire contents of their closet into every transaction. Follow her on Twitter at @jf2753 and her company at @FashionAde.

Morgan First (Founder & CEO, Second Glass)
Morgan founded Second Glass, which develops online and mobile tools for wine consumers and producers. Follow her on Twitter @Morgan1st and her company at @SecondGlass.

Kim Folsom (Founder & CEO, ShowUHow)
Kim founded ShowUHow, a 360° Product Experience Solution for downloading video Product Guides to mobile. Follow her company on Twitter at @ShowUhowInc.

Kelly Fitzsimmons (Co-Founder & CEO, HarQen)
Kelly founded HarQen, voice-capturing software to share and organize meetings and interviews. Follow her on Twitter at @schnellerkeller and her company at @HarQen.

Marci Harris (Founder & CEO, POPVOX)
Marci founded POPVOX, an advocacy platform bridging the info gap between the public and Congress. Follow her on Twitter at @marcidale and her company on Twitter at @POPVOX.

Susan Hunt Stevens (Founder & CEO, Practically Green)
Susan founded Practically Green, an online platform rewarding environmentally friendly decisions. Follow her on Twitter at @huntstevens and her company at @practicallygrn.

Tracy Kobeda Brown (Founder & CEO, Evil Genius Designs)
Tracy founded Evil Genius Designs, producing games played on screens in public areas. Follow her on Twitter at @ticorah and her company at @EvilGeniusPGH.

Jodi Marchewitz (Founder & CEO, iGuiders)
Jodi founded iGuiders, creating interactive decision-making modules for companies for consumer decision-making. Follow her company on Twitter at @iGuiders.

Lynley Sides (Founder & CEO, The Glue Network)
Lynley founded The Glue Network, a social-meets-cause marketing technology platform for brands. Follow her on Twitter at @LynleySides and her company at @TheGlueNetwork.

Melinda Wittstock (Founder & CEO, NewsiT)
Melinda founded NewsiT for user generated content, algorithms, gaming elements and professional curation. Follow her company on Twitter at @NewsiTnews.

Theresa Szczurek (Co-Founder & CEO, Radish Systems)
Theresa founded Radish Systems, a mobile SaaS customer service platform. Follow her on Twitter at @TheresaSzczurek and her company at @RadishSystems.

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Amy MillmanAbout the guest blogger: Amy Millman is Co-Founder and President of Springboard Enterprises, a not-for-profit “venture catalyst” with a mission to facilitate women entrepreneurs’ access to the equity markets. Springboard educates, sources, coaches, showcases, and supports high growth women-led technology companies seeking equity capital for expansion. Follow her on twitter at @amillman and her organization Springboard Enterprises at @springboardent.