By Marshall Kirkpatrick (Co-Editor, ReadWriteWeb)
Today is Ada Lovelace Day, a day dedicated to celebrating the world’s first computer programmer and to share inspiring stories about women working in science, technology and math.

Surely some of the most significant technical work done by women since this day last year includes the creation of what is said to be the fastest-growing social network in history, Google Plus.

Launched on June 28, 2011 and just opened to the public at large late last month, Google+ is a feature-rich social network with variable privacy and sharing settings at the core of its experience. Who were the women involved in building such a big, important technology? We asked, on Google+, and were told about 22 of them profiled below.

They are an incredibly accomplished group of people and a great source of inspiration for young women interested in science and technology — or for anyone else who could use some powerful role models. You should share this list of women with the girls in your life, though, that’s what Ada Lovelace Day is all about.

  • Ana Ulin (Developer, Google)
  • Frances Haugen (Google+ Profiles & Search Product Manager, Google) — pictured, bottom left
  • Denise Ho (Google+ Product Manager, Google)
  • Brynn Evans (Google+ UX Designer, Google)
  • Shimrit Ben-Yair (Google+Product Manager, Google)
  • Olga Wichrowska (Google+ Software Engineer, Google) — pictured above on mountain
  • Kelly Ellis (Google+ Software Engineer, Google) — pictured wearing sunglasses above
  • Mimi Sun (Google+ Software Engineer, Google)
  • Lea Kissner (Google+ Cryptographer, Google)
  • Tammy Capistrant (Google+ Engineering Programs Manager, Google)
  • Janice MyintG (Google+ Test Engineer, Google)
  • Emily Chang (Google+ –, Google) — pictured bottom right above
  • Sigalit Bar (Google+ Software Engineer, Google)
  • Jenny Murphy (Google+ Developer Relations, Google) — pictured with the green hair above.
  • Ye Kim (UX Lead on Google+ Mobile & Games, Google)
  • Jen Hsieh (Google+ Mobile Photos Software Engineer, Google) — pictured top left
  • Roshni Malani (Google+ Software Engineer, Google) — pictured second from the left on the bottom
  • Karen Liu (Google+ Software Engineer, Google)
  • Joanne McKinley (Google+ Software Engineer, Google)
  • Shailu Chauhan (Google+ Test Engineering Manager, Google)
  • Madoka Hayashi (Google+ Visual Designer, Google)
  • Irene Chung (Google+ Tech Lead & Manager, Google)

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