By Wilson Dizard (Writer, New York Post)
Jalak Jobanputra — a veteran venture capitalist with cred on both coasts and around the world — sees immigrants from India as a key ingredient energizing New York City’s tech boom, which she has helped build since the early days of dial-up.

“When you look at what makes strong entrepreneurs, perseverance is a large part of their success. Immigrants often have to persevere in adverse circumstances,” Jobanputra said.

“I think what makes a strong entrepreneur is pretty universal. It goes back to perseverance and having a vision flexible enough to pivot when necessary, and to be able to attract a strong team that complements your own skill set,” Jobanputra added.

In general, Jobanputra said she sees plenty of potential in Gotham’s nascent tech industry. Built upon a multicultural foundation, Silicon Alley serves a wide range of the city’s traditional industries — finance, art, media, and fashion — that must plug in or perish.

“Silicon Valley is always booming, but you don’t see the same breadth of fields of expertise as you do in New York,” Jobanputra said.

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