By Resmi Arjunanpillai (VP Marketing, Founder Labs)
Sponsor an educational video series from Founder Labs and get one hour of 1:1 time with startup luminaries and VCs like Steve Blank, Eric Ries and Ann Miura-Ko: Details here.
Founder Labs is a pre-incubator focused on the first phase of launching a mobile startup. In five weeks, Founder Labs participants build a founding team, validate an idea and create a working prototype of their product, creating successful companies like Spoondate and Cake Health.
We are producing an educational video series of eight episodes that focus on the early stage team and company formation and idea validation that takes place in Founder Labs. The episodes follow the participants through the five weeks of Founder Labs -– they aim to educate the viewer on how to build the right product with emphasis on lean startup methodology and customer development, and explore the human relationships and team dynamics of a very early-stage startup.

We’re raising $30K-50K in contributions and sponsorships to fund the cost of creating this show. You can help -– please sponsor the show by bidding on an hour of 1:1 time over breakfast with Silicon Valley luminaries like Steve Blank, founder of E.piphany and creator of Customer Development; Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup, Jenny Fielding, BBC Ventures; John Malloy, Blue Run Ventures, Ann Miura Ko, Floodgate Ventures. Companies can also apply to be featured in one of our episodes.

Learn more and bid here: Get feedback on your startup idea from experts in the field, pitch your startup idea to a VC and support startup education!

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About the guest blogger: Resmi Arjunanpillai is the VP Marketing for Founder Labs and works in marketing at the fabulous She loves all things related to startups and is greatly inspired by the entrepreneurs in Founder Labs. You can follow her on Twitter at @resmia.