By Monisha Perkash (Co-Founder & CEO, LUMOback)
My startup went into the DEMO Fall 2011 Conference honored just to share our vision with such a large audience, and came out of it completely blown away when we received a DEMOgod award for our product LUMOback.

While it’s very cool being immersed in emerging technologies, meeting luminaries across many fields, and interacting with other entrepreneurs, the clear highlight of DEMO is the high-pressured 6 minute demonstration in front of over 1,000 attendees. This is not because of the brief moment of fame (although that part is fun too), but because those 6 minutes are the exhilarating culmination of painstaking work that had to go into planning every precious second of your pitch.

The 6 minute time limit, which DEMO reinforces with a huge countdown counter and threats to turn off the microphone, forces presenters to concisely and convincingly tell the world why their solution is going to solve a compelling problem.

Most people would probably agree that this exercise by itself is quite valuable, so isn’t it funny that we need these external pressures to force us to be so disciplined?

Participating in the recent DEMO Fall 2011 Conference was an amazing experience. We are grateful to DEMO for the opportunity, recognition, and inspiration to keep innovating.

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About the guest blogger: About the guest blogger: Monisha Perkash is Co-Founder and CEO of LUMOback, a mobile solution to help keep your back strong and healthy. LUMOback recently emerged from Runway, a incubator program backed by Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors venture fund. Monisha previously co-founded online college financing service TuitionCoach (acquired by SimpleTuition in 2009). Monisha holds an MBA and MA Education from Stanford, and a BA from Yale.