The online course Javascript for Programmers approaches Javascript as a programming language. To build today’s modern web applications, you need to know more than how to create an “onclick” handler or paste some sample jquery code. Understanding the fundamentals of the language and how to create object-oriented code will allow you to access to the power of Javascript.
Women 2.0 members save 60% on this course when you sign up for the class for $75 thru September 27, 2011 (regular price $195).

After taking this course, you will have practical experience with Javascript language fundamentals. You will have a solid understanding of the language and a foundation in best practice development for using a test framework with your Javascript code.

What’s you will learn…

  • Core language syntax
  • How Javascript works with the DOM
  • How to use event in a web browser
  • Object-oriented programming in Javascript
  • How to write test-first Javascript code using Jasmine

Who should attend…

  • Experienced programmers who need or want to learn Javascript
  • People who use jQuery, but want a better understanding of what is going on
  • C, Java, Python, PHP, or Ruby developers curious about test-driving while learning more about Javascript
  • New Javascript programmers who wish to challenge themselves and dive deeper into the language