By Pemo Theodore (Founder, Ezebis)
The “Why Are Women Funded Less Than Men?” ebook on sale now features 120 embedded clips of video interviews with 29 venture capitalists and 18 female founders in the startup industry.

There are a few organizations that have done some research and provided data which is the backdrop some of which I have included in the book.

I spent 5 years in London trying to raise funding for my online matchmaking business — and in the end had to admit failure. My story is only one of many. Very early on in that journey, I had committed to help women source venture, when I was successful. As it turned out, I have been doing just that for the last year — not because I was successful but because I failed. Possibly if I had been successful I would never have had the time to accomplish a project like this.

I have been video interviewing venture capitalists, angel investors and women founders on the shortfall in funding for women. My goal has been to listen to as many people as I could from both sides of the table, so I could hopefully determine where all these conversations intersected.

Whilst I have been doing these interviews, many people have said to me that no problem exists and that women can be as easily funded as men if they have a great idea, team, plan and advisors. However the statistics, some of which have been mentioned at the beginning of this book, show another story. The percentages of women in technology, female entrepreneurs and female venture capitalists are extremely low compared to men. The reasons are multifold and complex and cannot be answered or resolved quickly or easily.

Many wonderful people and organizations are working to change the ratio, and I am sure that this situation will slowly shift due to their efforts. When I started this project a year ago, the conversation and debate was hot and heavy, and continues to carry a lot of emotional response from both genders. So I surmise that it is timely to showcase these conversations about the lack of women being funded compared to men, to shed further light and awareness on the subject.

What will you gain from this program?

  • Virtual coaching to produce a pitch-perfect slide deck and pitch, Build your confidence and identify the best investors to approach for funding your startup
  • Before and after video of your pitch that you can use for pitching your startup on various sites
  • Feedback video recordings of 4 investors about your pitch and deck

Some of the questions that were addressed:

  • Is there a problem?
  • Is there overt discrimination?
  • Does bias keep women disadvantaged for investment?
  • Are there advantages of diversity?
  • Should we generalize about gender?
  • Are there differences between men and women?
  • How does the female market impact investment?
  • What do female entrepreneurs have going for them?

Other issues:

  • Risk and failure
  • Thinking big
  • Children
  • Sex and power
  • Helping other women

Just when you thought you couldn’t go back in the water or get funded, “Why are Women Funded Less than Men” the ebook is available.

With a cast of thousands, well a lot anyway, 120 embedded video conversations with 26 venture capitalists, 19 female founders and 7 others — a crowd-sourced conversation — buy now for only $2.99.

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About the guest blogger: Pemo Theodore is Founder of EZebis. She is an Australian entrepreneur focused on winning the venture game for women. Pemo has been involved in online businesses for over 6 years, starting with AstraMatch. Prior to that, she has been involved in small business for over 30 years in Australia, Canada, Ireland and London. Pemo is a certificated business coach. Follow her on Twitter at @pemo and her startup at @ezebis.