By Victoria Pynchon (Co-Founder & Principal, She Negotiates)
Even when women are overqualified, they question their ability to do the job -– a lack of confidence she does not see in male prospects even when they’re under qualified. So there’s no question that part of the problem for women IP lawyers is self-esteem.

But as a good friend of mine used to say, you build self-esteem by doing estimable things. That’s what this posse of women lawyers is asking their sisters at the bar to do.

A recent survey of women IP lawyers found 61 percent of the litigators with no first-chair experience and forty-five percent of outside counsel with no book of business. Listen ladies, that’s just hard work –- putting yourself forward whenever a litigation or trial opportunity arises and networking your way into the ranks of your law firm’s rainmakers.

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About the guest blogger: Victoria Pynchon is a Co-Founder and Principal at She Negotiates. She is an attorney-mediator and arbitrator, and writes for the legal blog, On the Docket. Her book, A is for A**hole, the Grownups’ ABCs of Conflict Resolution was released by Reason Press this October and is available on Victoria holds an LL.M. in Conflict Resolution from the Straus Institute and a law degree from UC Davis King Hall School of Law. Follow her on Twitter at @VickiePynchon.