By Angie Chang (Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Women 2.0)
The new Habit Labs focuses on contextual computing for health behavior change. Jen McCabe is now CEO of Habit Labs, while co-founder Buster Benson serves as CTO. The merger will take Habit Labs from San Francisco to Seattle, where Jen’s background in patient advocacy and social design will work with Buster’s expertise in personalized recommendations and gamification techniques.

“There’s something really interesting happening in Seattle with local startups, particularly in health and education. I’m gratified to find such a supportive community here. We’ve got TechStars and Founders Co-Op, TeachStreet is right next door, great native news coverage from GeekWire, not to mention a growing group of health companies including Mindbloom, Limeade, and Jonathan Schwartz’s Picture of Health,” said Jen McCabe, CEO of Habit Labs

“With all the health tech froth recently (Massive Health, Rock Health, Health Tap), I hope we’re not seeing a bubble that fails to deliver along the lines of early clean tech.”

Before the merger, Contagion Health had received $275k seed funding from FF Angel LLC and Esther Dyson in 2010. Habit Labs has secured an additional $250k in angel funding from Dave McClure, Founders Co-Op, Jennifer Lum of Apricot Capital, and Rick Webb of the Barbarian Group.