By Julia Rulovo (Co-Founder, Solvate)
Nothing against Silicon Valley, but New York is officially where it’s at for aspiring women in digital.

Women run digital in New York. Mayor Bloomberg appointed Rachel Sterne as the city’s first Chief Digital Officer, and Jessica Lawrence was named the first Managing Director of the 18,000-member strong New York Tech Meetup.

Despite a fundraising environment that may never return to pre-2008 glory, it’s a golden time for women in media. There’s never been a better time to be a female entrepreneur. Stilettos are invading startups. Stanford is planning a campus out here, it’s that hot.

And, we have Foursquare.

Hotter than Foursquare? Gilt Groupe, which pushes half a billion dollars a year in revenue. And contrary to the Google vs Facebook passive aggression we’ve seen in the Valley, Gilt’s generosity has only grown with their success.

Gilt has mentored fashion startups from RentTheRunway to Birchbox. Women in digital know co-founders Alexis and Alexandra as two of the nicest executives in the industry, and few have done as much as Gilt Chair Susan Lyne to promote mentorship.

The ladies of Gilt are part of a sprawling network of women in digital who are committed to helping each other out and hooking each other up, especially the newcomers.

And it isn’t just about the ladies on top reaching a hand down, although there’s plenty of that. New-school mentorship is about women hooking women up across job titles, industry lines and social circles. An introduction here, a coffee there. Mediabistro founder Laurel Touby says, It feels good, you get something, I get something, let’s move on!

Eleven women at the center of New York’s digital scene have gone out of their way to spread the love. They are entrepreneurs, writers, attorneys and journalists. They organize TEDWomen, wimlink, WIE Symposium and the the best breakfast in town. They have advice for you.

This post was originally posted at Forbes Woman.

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About the guest blogger: Julie Ruvolo is a Co-founder of freelance talent network Solvate. She is a digital anthropologist who writes about women in business, feminism and relationships through a digital lens. Julia started her first job online on Valentine’s Day, 2005, and has had a love affair with the internet ever since, working in San Francisco and New York’s startup industries. She serves as digital editor for New York’s Museum of Sex. Follow her on Twitter at @jruv.