By Aihui Ong (Founder & CEO, Love With Food) and Gwen Tan (Founder, SGEntrepreneurs)
SINGAPORE – A thriving cosmopolitan country in Southeast Asia brims with diversity, as well as a multiplicity of culture, language, arts and architecture. Women 2.0, in partnership with SGEntrepreneurs hosted our first ever mixer in Singapore on June 6, 2011. We were curious, were there any female founders on this tiny island — an area just 8 times the size of Manhattan?

A roomful of about 40 current and aspiring entrepreneurs attended the event at SmartSpace (venue sponsor). One of the beauties of entrepreneurship is the willingness to help. We kicked off the night by encouraging everyone to share their skill or talent, no matter how big or small, how they can help someone else in the room. It was indeed an awesome night, sharing entrepreneurial challenges, stories and meeting new faces.

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You could feel the buzz of excitement as we all mingled, chatted and munched on the food provided by our co-organizers, Audrey and Minxuan of PlayMoolah. Other founders present were Natasha of First Class Tutors, Kristine of Qi-Global, Sun from LittleLives and many more.

It was a productive evening for founders, sharing challenges, encouragements and bouncing ideas off one another. It was also inspiring to those who have longed to launch something of their own. More importantly, it is exciting to see the potential that could result: more females being inspired to start their own companies and to give back and mentor others.

We are glad to have been part of this first mixer in Singapore!