By Margarita Quihuis (Persuasive Technology Lab, Peace Innovation Lab, Stanford)
Join with us as we HackForEgypt on Saturday, May 14, 2011 at Stanford’s

Earlier this year, Egyptians combined technology and political activism to revolutionary effect. After overthrowing a thirty-year dictatorship, they face new challenges to establishing democracy. Can technology help them through the divisive times ahead?

The Unconference and Hackathon for Egypt is an opportunity to find out. On May 14, programmers and engineers will gather at Stanford to meet with Egyptian activists and discuss applications that could help their cause.

Our aim is to build a community that bridges Tahrir Square and Silicon Valley to show what activists equipped with digital tools can achieve. Bring your computers and we’ll provide the activists and the food.

For more info and to get involved, click here.

For more info about the apps we expect to work on, click here.

For more info about the activists behind Egypt’s revolution, click here.

About the guest blogger: Margarita Quihuis is a social entrepreneur and mentor capitalist. Her accomplishments include directorship of Astia where her portfolio companies raised $67M in venture funding, venture capitalist, Reuters Fellow at Stanford, and Director of RI Labs for Ricoh Innovations. She is currently a member of the research team at Stanford’s Persuasive Technology Lab and directs the Stanford Peace Innovation Lab. Follow her on Twitter at @msquihuis.