By Hadiyah Mujhid (Co-Founder, Urban Posse)
A few weeks ago, I took a Railsbridge class to learn Ruby on Rails. I was placed in a small group with others with computer science backgrounds looking to learn a new language. The group was pretty amazing. All of us were aggressive and hardcore about learning a new skill. So aggressive that we sort of conned our teacher into skipping over the planned curriculum in favor of just building something useful. And a startup was born.

Since the class, we’ve been consistent in meeting together two times week and pairing on the off days. Normally, someone from our group (five total) is meeting up with another on a daily basis. We also have a 24-hour Skype IM session in which we are all active. I’m extremely amazed at each person’s dedication to our new startup. I believe our commitment and openness to spend huge quantities of time together has enabled us to bond faster and build a better foundation.

I often hear how hard it is to find the right co-founder(s). And even harder for co-founders to commit at equal effort levels. I must admit that I got lucky and I’m completely in love with my co-founders. I know we’re still in the honeymoon stage. But even if we breakup, this will be the best fling I ever had.

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What I Did This Weekend

Yes, a lot of work, little sleep, more work, and no sleep. I primarily went to Startup Weekend to code in Ruby, meet more people, and feel the rush of creating something in a weekend. And I ended up doing just that (minus the Ruby part, our app didn’t call for it).

So, here it is. What I did this weekend…we’re at mvp, but provide feedback nonetheless.

imaiku – see the world through others eyes.

Oh and yes, I’m still also working on Urban Posse.

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