Congratulations to VC-turned-entrepreneur Amra Tareen, founder & CEO of Allvoices, on the acquisition by Datran Media! Earlier this week, TechCrunch announced the acquisition of the citizen journalism platform, which raised $9M in VC and launched in 2008.

Women 2.0: Congratulations on the acquisition announcement! Last we met, you were a panelist at our Women 2.0 conference at Stanford as the founder & CEO of Allvoices. How has your company evolved over the years, and how did you get to the acuiqision?

Amra Tareen: We have grown in our writer base as well as traffic to our site, we now have people reporting from almost 180 countries around the world. We iterated the website based on our community inputs, we have super correspondents on Allvoices who monitor the site 24 hours, days a week.

We have a team of people who are were passionate about the site, we have new people as well as people who have been at Allvoices from almost the first month after funding.

We were looking for ways to grow the company even faster and acquisition by Datran gave Allvoices more access to resources and better ways to monetize Allvoices.

Women 2.0: What are some startup lessons learned while working on AllVoices?

Amra Tareen: The most important ones for me were:

  1. Hire slow and fire fast.
  2. Get product out as soon as possible with less features as your community will tell you what is important, you cannot dream it up.
  3. Iterate, iterate, iterate.

Women 2.0: How did you from idea to product launch, to VC to getting acquired? What did you start out wanting to do with your company, and now what’s next?

Amra Tareen: I always wanted to create a social media platform where people could share what was going on where they are and build a community around it regardless of where they were located and which device they used.

This is exactly what Allvoices is… The vision is the same but every thing else has changed, the look a feel we started with, the reporting tools, the ranking algorithms.

Women 2.0: So what’s next for you after the acquisition of your startup?

Amra Tareen: I want to make a big impact and change the world that is what is next for me!