Want to launch a consumer web business but can’t program? LaunchBit classroom is a 10 week online class starting April 11, 2011. It’s for aspiring entrepreneurs who are completely new to launching a web business.
Past Women 2.0 participants have said this course has taught them “to launch better, faster, cheaper” and “to avoid rookie mistakes.”

Through step-by-step lectures, we’ll cover how to validate your business idea and get your first customers — all without coding. We’ll show you how to use third party tools to efficiently launch your business. This course will prepare you to find a technical co-founder by helping you get the compelling data you’ll need to recruit. In addition to the lectures, each participant will receive personalized mentorship. For more info and to register, click here.

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Questions? Email Elizabeth Yin at elizabeth@launchbit.com.

LaunchBit Classroom — Logistics and Curriculum —

  • Week 1: Online market & competitor research
  • Week 2: Conducting in-person customer interviews
  • Week 3: Analyzing customer interviews
  • Week 4: Building a basic landing page
  • Week 5: Driving basic traffic to your landing page
  • Week 6: Analyzing your landing page results
  • Week 7: Case studies: Building your web prototype
  • Week 8: Adding analysis tools to your web prototype
  • Week 9: Analyzing the success of your prototype
  • Week 10: Next steps beyond your prototype