By Arielle Patrice Scott (Founder, GenJuice)
I remember it like a high school favorite song. I was 18 years old and I knew everything. I had already started my first company, failed and was ready to do it again to make Zuckerberg’s success look like peanuts. I knew nothing about tech, but I knew that’s where I had to be. So I looked up as many tech events as I could find, printed the ugliest business cards you can imagine and began networking.

At one of those many events, I met Angie Chang. Angie turned out to be one of the founders of Women 2.0. She invited me to a wine and cheese event, as long as I promised to just eat the cheese. Of course, I had to check it out! At that event, I met Shaherose Charania and Jessica Mah. Both of whom would later turn out to be pivotal in my career.

I began volunteering for Women 2.0 and working on internshipIN with Jessica Mah just a few weeks later. My work with both really pushed me and showed me the areas I would need to improve if I was going to be successful.

Shaherose guided me like the big sister I always wanted. She introduced me to everyone she knew and her endorsement alone made others believe in me. Jessica taught me how business was supposed to be done, and she always left my jaw on the floor when she explained her vision for our company or even life in general.

I worked with several different companies and consulted with several before starting GenJuice, but the experience from those early years was all I needed to do great things.

From Pivotal Events to Building a Team

I showed up at another Women 2.0 event in 2010 to meet some cool people and network. I found yet another incredible woman who would inspire me beyond belief, Virgilia Singh. Soon Virgilia, Danielle Leslie and Gleb Podkolzin (who I met while in college) and I took off to build GenJuice.

As we create the No. 1 content network for motivated young adults, we still have the support of Jessica Mah, Shaherose Charania and the hundreds of amazing women that can say they were a member, supporter or friend of Women 2.0.

You Need to Know Women 2.0

If you don’t know anything about this organization, you need to hop over to They don’t pay me to say this, and they’d never have to. It’s an amazing organization with an even more phenomenal mission: empower more young women to start high growth businesses.

This post is republished with permission from GenJuice.
Arielle Scott is a young entrepreneur who’s been working on creative startup ideas targeting young adults since she was 18. She came up with the idea for GenJuice out of her thesis connected with the current GenJuice team. Recently, Arielle was featured on Arielle holds a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies of Information Technology from UC Berkeley.