Women 2.0 chose AudioDraft to crowdsource an original podcast theme for the In Conversation video series, an ongoing series of video interviews with female founders and executives about their advice for future entrepreneurs.
“We were looking for a short clip that was upbeat, modern, fluid, and classy,” says Jazmin Hupp, digital media producer for Women 2.0. She asked the AudioDraft community to create short transition beats. In a few weeks, over 50 entries were received from musicians around the world.
Matt Cooper of One Pulse Music, an Austin-based music and sound design company, won $500 for one of his entries. “We built several options for them that we felt suited their online videos, presence, and specifications,” said Matt Cooper. Thanks to AudioDraft, Women 2.0 was able to review lots of great options and chose the best track for specific needs. Check out the new music tracks here.