Here’s a quick check-in from the GeoSquish team:
Tiem Song’s Story

Going into the fifth and last week of Women 2.0 Labs, I continue to develop deep respect and admiration for my fellow team members and all the program participants.

Our team got off to a late start, with two of us (myself included) starting a week into the program. However, our team hit it off quickly and we felt like long-time coworkers.

We learned that team cohesion is the key to any success as it allows us to gauge our product’s progress in a cohesive and collaborative manner. What I experienced was exactly that plus more — my team and I worked tirelessly and along the way supported each other’s unique skill sets.

My personal goal for this program is to participate in the inception of a startup and to shake my nervousness with public speaking. Generally I am more reserved and usually find it difficult to speak in larger groups. Often times I find myself wanting to speak up and contribute to a discussion, but I become anxious about expressing my opinions or just generally talking to others that I do not know. The sink-or-swim attitude of this small team and this program encouraged me to embrace my anxiety and become more assertive. My teammates made it easy for me to ease my reservations and become more open with my thoughts. I arrive to Women 2.0 Labs every night excited to share epiphanies and ideas with my teammates.