Join Women 2.0 for a Startup Idea Workshop “Will It

Launch?” February 6-7, 2010.

Startup Weekend is hosting a similar event in Mountain View the same weekend. If you are interested, please visit

Our last Women 2.0 Startup Weekend in August spawned 19 startups — we are doing it again!

Hosted by Women 2.0 and Hackfest for the Light, Startup Sandbox will give individuals or teams a unique opportunity to work on ideas and launch startups. If you have an idea, bring your idea. If not, bring your skill set and find a great team! Both women and men are invited to attend.

Five reasons to attend:

1.) Make a working prototype
2.) Create an investor presentation
3.) Come with your company and get feedback
4.) Come with an idea to make a mock up
5.) Practice and learn new skills

There will be office hours with angel investors, lawyers, and developers to synergize entrepreneurs, programmers, and designers putting their skills toward socially responsible software projects.

The video below was filmed at the last Women 2.0 Startup Weekend. For more coverage of Women 2.0 Startup Weekend, visit Startup Weekend’s page for the event here.

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Check out Startup Weekend at Hacker Dojo happening November 20-22, 2009!