Women 2.0 joins forces with Startup Weekend this August 28th – 30th, 2009! We provide the space and brain fuel — you bring the energy and innovation to build something big over the weekend. Sign up now for your spot at Startup Weekend!Maybe you have an idea, maybe you don’t?
Maybe you started a startup before, maybe you haven’t?
Maybe you are a developer, a designer, a do-er?
Please join us for Startup Weekend August 28-30, 2009.

What is Women 2.0 Startup Weekend? Much like a bar camp, you build something exciting over the weekend. Come to Startup Weekend to find an idea that resonates with you, join a team, and build! Startup Weekend is a place to test ideas, contribute to ideas, and meet potential founders. We are bringing together the most innovative, talented, and out-of-the-box entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. How it works: Teams form Friday night, companies develop product(s) and/or service(s) through Saturday, and company pitches are delivered on Sunday.

Need or can provide childcare services for Startup Weekend? We aim to provide childcare for all the hard-working moms and dads who want to attend Startup Weekend! We need more volunteers to provide childcare! For hacker parents with children, sign up for childcare here.

Schedule for Friday, August 28th:
Join us for the kick-off of Women 2.0 Startup Weekend at sfCUBE! We will be hosting a panel of experts including Jessica Livingston (Y Combinator), Xochi Birch (Bebo), and Tina Seelig (Stanford Technology Ventures Program). Also, teams form tonight! Meet your team members and kick around startup ideas on Friday night, then get ready to work through the weekend to launch a product!

6:00pm Introductions; Meet and greet; Discuss what would be interesting to build.
7:00pm Panel of experts: Jessica Livingston, Xochi Birch, Shanna Tellerman, Tina Seelig (moderator).
8:00pm Pitch Fire begins: If you have an idea for a product, you pitch it to the group
9:00pm Teams form: This is a self-selection process as individuals form teams around ideas that they think are interesting and would like to work on for the weekend. Ideally, you’d like a group between 5 and 10 people but groups of 2 or as large as 20 are acceptable.
10:00pm Teams finalize ideas and solidify their concept to create an elevator pitch.
10:30pm Leave for a bar or coffee shop to continue the discussion and create prototypes.

Schedule for Saturday, August 29th:
Welcome to the first full day of development at sfCUBE. Investor and VC office hours will be held in the afternoon. Please note sfCUBE is open 24 hours a day and teams are welcome to stay all night.

8:00am Breakfast and introductions.
9:00am Development begins.
10:00am Prototype should be created; Teams should have a working title and have created technical plans. Start getting servers live, buying domains, creating user flows, etc.
12:00am Lunch break.
12:30am Comedian Dhaya Lakshminarayanan performs through lunch.
1:00pm Speakers and prize announcement.
1:15pm More coding, business plan development, and a special guest.
2:00pm Office hours! Investors, VC’s, advisors: Kevin Braithwaite (Tech Impact), Shai Goldman (Silicon Valley Bank), Cindy Padnos (Illuminate Ventures), Shea DiDonna (True Ventures), Julie Craft (Simply Hired), and Ruth Hedges (Funding Road Map).
6:00pm Special guest drop-ins and pitches from the teams; These guests are generally angel investors, VCs, or sponsoring companies.
9:00pm Gut check on the product; basic prototype building; group get-together for drinks and to talk about the products everyone is working on. Note: sfCUBE is open 24 hours a day. Teams are welcome to stay!

Schedule for Sunday, August 30th:
Teams finish developing their startups through Sunday at sfCUBE. The public is invited to attend Sunday Night Pitch Night to watch company presentations that came out of Women 2.0 Startup Weekend. Tickets are $15 here (select the Sunday Night Pitch Night ticket option).

8:00am Breakfast.
10:00am By now, you should have a live splash page up with an email capture and a simple blog.
12:00pm Lunch.
6:00pm Sink-or-swim time for those looking for a weekend launch.
7:00pm Teams pitch; This portion of Women 2.0 Startup Weekend is open for EVERYONE to attend. Tickets are $15 here (select the Sunday Night Pitch Night ticket option at the bottom of the list of tickets available). Watch company presentations and discuss what worked, what didn’t, what could go better. Vote is done and the prizes are awarded! Wrap up and move out. See you at the next Women 2.0 Startup Weekend!

Catch our Friday night speakers — a panel of experts:

Jessica Livingston (Founding Partner, Y Combinator)
Jessica is a founding partner at Y Combinator, a seed-stage venture firm based in Mountain View, CA. She is the author of Founders at Work, a collection of interviews with founders about the early days of their startups. Previously, she was vice president of marketing at investment bank Adams Harkness. In addition to her work with startups at Y Combinator, Jessica organizes Startup School.

Xochi Birch (Co-Founder, Bebo – sold to AOL in 2008)
Xochi co-founded Bebo in 2005 focusing on the operational and financial aspects of the company. She served as President for Bebo until November 2007 after which her role changed to Chief Community Officer. The new role allowed her to focus on what she believed was the foundation of the business. Bebo was sold to AOL in 2008. Xochi is now focusing on her first business, Birthday Alarm, which will be launching under another brand Zuno.com later this year. Birthday Alarm was launched in 2001 and today has over 50 million users worldwide.

Shanna Tellerman (CEO and Founder, Sim Ops Studios)
Shanna is the Founder and CEO of Sim Ops Studios, Inc., a spin-off company from Carnegie Mellon University. Sim Ops is developing Wild Pockets – a free web-based 3D game engine with a built-in transaction system and distribution network. Shanna has overseen operations, development, fund raising, and strategic relationships since the formation of Sim Ops. She has over seven years of experience working in the video game and emerging serious games industry with a focus on breaking down the barriers for creative development in 3D environments. Shanna is one of 2009’s best young entrepreneurs under 30 according to BusinessWeek.

Tina Seelig (Executive Director, Stanford Technology Ventures Program)
Tina is the Executive Director for the Stanford Technology Ventures Program where she is responsible for the management, operations, and dissemination efforts of STVP. In addition, Tina is the Director of the Stanford Entrepreneurship Network and the co-Director of the Mayfield Fellows Program. Tina also teaches a course in the Department of Management Science & Engineering on Creativity and Innovation. Prior to joining STVP, Tina worked as an entrepreneur, management consultant, author, and scientist. Tina received her Ph.D. from Stanford University Medical School in 1985 where she studied Neuroscience.

Pictures from a Startup Weekend in San Francisco earlier this year:

All Startup Weekend pictures are posted at here. Photo credits go to Shirley Lin and Antonio Altamirano.

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