How do you vote for your favorite startup?
If you like a startup in the Women 2.0 group of startups, “Follow” them on YouNoodle! The startup with the most followers by May 1st, 2009 will win “The Big Noodle: Best Idea” on Pitch Night in San Francisco on May 7th, 2009.

Who has the biggest noodle — the “Community Favorite”?

Submit your startup idea to YouNoodle, the social network for entrepreneurs. Get feedback and/or find new team members!

How your startup idea/prototype can win Community Favorite:

1. Join the Women 2.0 group on YouNoodle by clicking “Join the Group”
2. Create a profile and upload your resume
3. Add your startup by clicking on “Add Startup” tab
4. Get friends to click “Follow this startup” on your startup page

By joining the Women 2.0 group on YouNoodle, you can make new friends and possibly even some new colleagues for your newest startup idea!