There are a lot of young women who would greatly benefit from working with female entrepreneurs. The need for positive and intelligent role models is immense.
Women 2.0 will be working with Women in Community Service (WICS) to mentor students that come to Job Corps. It’s not unusual to come across young ladies at Job Corps who were formerly homeless or incarcerated, and these young ladies (and men) have expressed interest in having mentors.

We invite all of you Women of the Women 2.0 world to join in the effort of helping young people succeed by sharing your time and expertise! You can volunteer your time as a volunteer mentor, tutor, or speaker.

Women 2.0 Volunteer Mentors

  • 21 years or older.
  • Practical problem-solving skills and ability to suggest options and alternatives.

Women 2.0 Volunteer Tutors

  • 18 years or older.
  • Proficiency in one or more of the following subject areas: Mathematics, English, and ESL.

Tutors and Mentors spend 1.5 hours a week providing guidance to students. Mentors and students work in a collaborative partnership to create a life action plan for the student. Mentors help students define a vision for their own future and then assist students in setting realistic goals to bring them closer to realizing that vision. Tutors provide additional academic assistance in the areas of mathematics, reading, and writing.

If you have ever wanted to participate in an educational effort, or yourself have benefited from the guidance of a mentor and want to give back to the community – this is an excellent opportunity. Women in Community Service (WICS) will provide training and ongoing support to our volunteers, so don t let lack of experience stop you from trying something new.

Interested? Send an email to describing how you want to get involved.

Women 2.0 Volunteer Speakers

  • Be able to speak to and be familiar with issues affecting youth.
  • Have professional and/or life experience that would be inspiring to youth.
  • Speak for 25-45 minutes. Group sizes, dates, and times will depend on speaker availability.

We are looking for speakers to take part in one-time speaking engagements. Our hope is to expose students to alternatives by bringing in individuals who have a strong positive message and can relate to and effectively communicate with youth. We invite speakers to talk about professional development, importance of academics, and topics that may affect one s success level (positive decision making, goal setting, perseverance, trust, etc.). We also encourage speakers to share real-life experiences that relate to overcoming obstacles. This will take place in DECEMBER 2006.

If you want to be a speaker, send an email to

All opportunities in collaboration with Women in Community Service (WICS) are located at Treasure Island Job Corps Center at 655 H Avenue in San Francisco.