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    by Betsy Mikel

    Without These People, Your Startup’s Big Data is Completely Useless

    You’re supposed to be mining big data to find insights. But how? Thanks to these amazing people, you can learn how to tackle data science for your business.

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    by Angie Chang

    Big Data, Machine Learning, Data Science, Real-Time Analytics…

    Women 2.0 save 50% on tickets to the Large Scale Machine Learning workshop (July 9 in San Francisco).

    By Courtney Burton (Assistant Producer, Sessions Events)

    There’s a revolution happening in technology. We’ve recently crossed over into a new age. The age of Big Data. If you haven’t heard already, Big Data is, according to the Wall Street Journal, “the next big thing”.

    If that’s true then big learning is the next next big thing. In reality the two are intimately connected. Big data simply means working with massive data sets to gain insights. For example analyzing all of the real-time data from Twitter, what’s trending, why, what