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Startup Hiring Room

We've worked hard to ensure that women and other people typically under-represented at entrepreneurship conferences are very much a part of this event By Sarah Milstein (Co-Host, The Lean Startup Conference)

What do startups need most these days? Great people to hire.

To help young companies find strong candidates, The Lean Startup Conference is hosting a Hiring Room, and we want to make sure women-led startups are represented.

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How To Get Hired Doing What You Actually Love

Sharing brilliance to be better young entrepreneurs. By Kelly Azevedo (Contributing Blogger, Young Entrepreneurs Council)

A recent Pew study reveals what many of us have already observed: re-employed workers — those who lose their jobs and are then hired elsewhere — are more likely to consider themselves overqualified for what becomes their current position and are less likely to get a sense of identify from their work. In other words, they end up at jobs they don’t really want.

Whether you’ve lost your job and are looking to be the exception to this rule, or you’d like to trade your current position for one that better matches your qualifications, here are three strategies to help you receive an offer for the job that you actually want:

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Building A Team: What Can You Bring To The Table?

By Jean Hsu (Engineer, Obvious) Discussions about hiring so often revolve around what you should look for in a candidate and how to evaluate their technical abilities and if they will fit in with the existing team.

The market is currently incredibly competitive in favor of engineers, so I’d like to turn the tables around and ask what companies can bring to the table in this relationship.

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Could Your Bootstrapped Startup Use A Few Good Moms?

By Kerry Bowbliss & Sherry Lombardi (Co-Founders, Hulafrog) Last year, we launched Hulafrog, a network of hyperlocal websites for moms. Each one is the “go-to” guide to life with kids around town. Hulafrog was born, like many startups, out of necessity. As new moms, we were on the never-ending quest for enriching activities and fun events for our kids and yearned for a simple way to find them. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a single website with everything from language lessons and soccer camps to parades and puppet shows to kid friendly restaurants and museums?

There wasn’t. So we built one. The prototype

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Hiring And Interviewing Product Managers

By Cindy Alvarez (Senior Product Manager & User Experience, Yammer) The biggest risk in hiring product people is… THE UNKNOWN.

  • What if we hire this person and they aren’t able to execute?
  • What if they can’t negotiate with our engineers?
  • What if they can’t operate under conditions of uncertainty?
  • What if they worry over every little detail until they’ve totally missed the big picture?
  • What if they just say “yes” to everything so we lose our focus?
  • What if they blithely accept our broken processes and bad habits so that we keep making the same mistakes?
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Hiring A Designer For Your Startup: Beyond the Usual Suspects

By Christina A. Brodbeck (Co-Founder & CEO, theicebreak) Good engineers in Silicon Valley are hot. They’re hard to find, even harder to hire, and it often feels like they’re worth their weight in gold.

That being said, there exists an even more elusive hire in the startup world -- a good designer. Times have changed; users are more experienced, and more accustomed to using web sites and mobile apps. This has created a tipping point in site building, where form is often equally as important as function.

To keep up with this high demand for beautiful and intuitive sites, we’ve also created a demand for good designers.

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