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New York: Girls Who Code

If this next group of girls can walk out feeling like they rule, then there is no doubt you are looking at the next generation of young women in the tech world. By Joanne Wilson (Blogger & Angel Investor, Gotham Gal)

Please meet the next generation of the tech world - these lovely young women sitting in a room in Chelsea learning how to code, think big and become engineers.

Reshma Saujani who founded Girls Who Code is showing all of us how to make a difference in kids lives. She is also running for NYC public advocate.

Her passion for getting girls interested in technology and reaching across the divide is impressive - and she is making a difference doing what she talks about.

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How To Turn Your Passion Into A Business Model (Coolhaus)

Unable to afford a brick and mortar storefront, the young entrepreneurial duo bought a second-hand truck and split their time baking cookies and making ice cream in Freya’s mom’s kitchen during the Fall of 2008. They launched their first food truck one year later, and they’ve been using Google Apps ever since to scale their business to Austin, New York, and Miami. Most recently, CoolHaus announced its first ice cream truck in Dallas, with additional launches slated for this summer. By Natasha Case (Co-Founder & CEO, Coolhaus)

While finishing up grad school for architecture, I was looking forward to building my professional career with real projects and clients. I wanted my first job to be the kind of position where I could not only apply my training, but also make connections with the public. Within 6 months of starting my first job, the recession hit.

I realized I might have to get more creative with my career path to survive the changing economy.

Luckily, I had been developing

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Partner Event: Monetization Strategies Exposé (July 31 In SF)

Judging companies on financial metrics doesn't meet the need of today's digital success stories. At a Monetization Strategies Exposé in San Francisco on July 31, hear from Silicon Valley experts on the strategies they recommend - the good and the ones to avoid. Top companies are achieving acclaim through alternative monetization approaches. Some are paid via a subscription model. Others are exploring paywalls, price discrimination, flash sales, freemium, and social standing.

Women 2.0 members save 25% on tickets when you register here with discount code "women2".

Panelists include Diana Stepner (Head of Future Technologies, Pearson), Lisa Marino (CEO, RockYou), Tyler Singletary

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Commenting On The Web Is Broken

When we came up with ReadSocial, we knew it was solving a big problem but it wasn’t necessarily an obvious problem. By Travis Alber (Founder, ReadSocial)

Commenting is broken. I don’t want to sound too harsh, realizing there are comments at the end of this article and that it’s technically possible to use them. The paradigm for commenting on the web hasn’t changed in 15 years, but how we communicate online has. We communicate in the moment. We share our thoughts. Talk about it.

But just like we’ve done for more than a decade, we talk about it somewhere else. We scroll 30 paragraphs down the article and type in a little box at the end. Or open a separate tab. Sometimes we comment on a separate social network

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The Thing No One Tells You About Running A Startup

AWS's recent outage made me think about the many unexpected things that hit you when you run a startup. By Andrea Johnson (Co-Founder & CEO, ThisLife)

The thing no one tells you about running a startup is that it is tantamount to boarding a roller coaster. Everyone knows you need a great idea, a great team, and the right capital. But no one talks about the safety harness you’ll need to keep you tethered to the ground as you sink and soar.

Two weeks ago, I woke up to terrific press (thank you to the go-to blog about all things Apple, TUAW!); our product received a fabulous write up just as MobileMe’s sun was setting. That was great news and the timing couldn’t have been better

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Advice From Los Angeles-Based Female Founders Of Tech Startups

"Doing startups rewards doing high quality work instantly. If you can build/design a good site or product, you'll get attention right away," said Holden Steinberg, co-founder of PageWoo. By Kevin Winston (Founder & CEO, Digital LA)

From Westwood in California - "Perfect your pitch PPT," "find mentors and investors" and "assemble a rock star team," said panelists on our Digital LA female founders panel.

Our panel is the first-ever panel in LA featuring all women founders of tech companies. Most played major roles in our recent Silicon Beach Fest and had been featured in the Forbes article Female Founders of Silicon Beach.

Your Startup Pitch:

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