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    by Jessica Stillman

    Storms, Super Bowl Parties and Sexism: One Founder’s Winding Road to Success

    “I saw a family raising money for their baby’s heart transplant. They needed $300,000 and they were trying to do it a quarter at a time. I remember thinking: If they could do it over the Internet, it would be so much more successful.” – Desiree Vargas Wrigley, GiveForward co-founder.

    By Carly Keyes (Staff Writer, Silicon Rust Belt)

    A chance meeting started Desiree Vargas Wrigley on the road to entrepreneurship.

    Born in Costa Rica, Wrigley moved to Kansas at age three. After graduating from Yale with a B.A. in Latin American Studies, she got a job at a restaurant. That might not sound like a promising start to becoming a successful entrepreneur, but one day she waited on a guy who works at the Kauffman Foundation

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    by Angie Chang

    How We Became Software Developers In 10 Weeks (The Rising Femme Elite Of Tech)

    Learn about the 6 uncommon things the women at Dev Bootcamp learned in the process of going from no formal programming experience to finding jobs as software developers at top companies in 10 weeks.

    By Janet Chang (Alumn, Dev Bootcamp)

    It has been almost three months since the end of my software development training at Dev Bootcamp, where my fellow students and I spent 15+ hours daily over a 10-week period to learn to build fully functioning prototypes of web applications like Twitter, Basecamp, Airbnb and Yelp.

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    by Angie Chang

    The Story Of Everpurse: Seamlessly Charge Your Phone All Day

    The Kickstarter campaign ran for 35 days and closed on October 13, 2012 having raised $238,000 ($138,000 over the original goal).

    By Rachel Taylor (Founder, Convometrics)

    As a social worker, Liz Salcedo was constantly on the go and using her phone for talking, texting and navigation. Phone batteries don’t last forever, and Liz was left in a sticky situation sans cell phone one too many times. Liz took matters into her own hands in August of 2011, and with the help of her tech-savvy husband Dan, produced the first Everpurse prototype.

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    by Angie Chang

    Making It Happen With Mass Customization (Citizen Made)

    Citizen Made is one of the 10 startups pitching onstage at PITCH NYC Conference & Competitionget your $300 conference pass to join hundreds of men and women on November 14.

    By Bryn McCoy (Co-Founder & CTO, Citizen Made)

    Citizen Made sprang to life with such ease and zest, there was simply no denying it. In spring of 2011, our founding team met at at a Chicago fashion show. We were completely inspired and excited about all the innovative upcycling, mixing and matching

  5. seeds
    by Angie Chang

    Help Fund Seeds, A Microlending Game Benefiting Women Entrepreneurs In Nairobi

    Seeds is raising funds to make “Farmville meets Kiva” a reality.

    By Rachel Cook (Founder & CEO, Seeds)

    Spending a night in a Nairobi prison helped me understand Kenya’s need for microlending better than ever.

    While sitting inside a cab doing nothing at all illegal, an American friend and I were overtaken by four armed men in plainclothes at gunpoint, two of whom then told us to get back in the car and drove us away. We thought we were being kidnapped, but the men turned out

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    by Angie Chang

    A Purse That Is Also A Phone Charger, Invented By Liz Salcedo

    The Everpurse charges an iPhone while it’s in your purse.

    By Amy-Willard Cross (Editor, Vitamin W)

    Phone batteries die during the day. Carrying around chargers and cords is a drag. So a Chicago entrepreneur has come up with a solution: a purse that’s also a phone charger. “A lot of tech products are designed for men so it’s cool to have a product designed for women in mind,” says inventor Liz Salcedo.

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    by Angie Chang

    Perfecting The Startup Pitch – On National Public Radio

    Only 1% of high-tech startups in Silicon Valley are run by African-Americans. The number of women is less than 10%. The NewME minority accelerator is trying to change the face of the industry by encouraging, mentoring and training women and minorities to test their ideas in the high-tech and VC world.

    By Rachel Brooks (Co-Founder, Citizen Made)

    Part of the mystique of being a founder is having the ability to execute on a vision. You see the potential in an idea, and are relentless about making it happen. Sure, there are failures along the way, but many times we don’t hear about those.

    This morning, 13 million people listened to me stumble on NPR through one my most agonizing startup failures to date. How was your morning?

    While the story became full circle, and I ultimately

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    by Angie Chang

    Chicago-Based Citizen Made Software Helps Local Retailers Offer Customized Products

    Chicago’s locally-owned small-sized retailers now have an affordable platform to sell personalized products.

    By Sandra Guy (Reporter, Chicago Sun-Times)

    Chicago tech entrepreneur Rachel A. Brooks honed her customization-software idea in a reality-TV-like setting: In a tech incubator challenge, she lived in a house in San Francisco for three months with six other would-be tech superstars, sharing ideas, networking and sizing each other up in close contact.

    Brooks seeks nothing less than upending the way customers buy and retailers sell customized, made-to-order products — from clothes to furniture to beer. Brooks, 25, and software engineer Bryn McCoy, 36, co-founded Citizen Made in the Ravenswood

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    by Angie Chang

    Win A Free Ticket To Techweek 2012 (June 22-26 In Chicago)

    On June 22-26, 2012, experience a five day celebration of technology and entrepreneurship at the Techweek Conference & Expo. Techweek 2012 offers you the chance to interact with over 5,000 engaged and passionate participants, 2,000 unique brands, 300 speakers, 200 sessions and 100 exhibitors.

    Tell us why you want to attend TechWeek in Chicago in the comments below by MIDNIGHT on Wednesday, June 13, 2012 and the best two answers will receive a free passes!

    Women 2.0 members save 20% on tickets

    by Angie Chang

    Chicago Women Developers: Celebrating Our One Year Anniversary

    Sometimes you don’t get a seat at the table, and sometime you learn to build your own amazing table.

    By Melissa Pierce (Founder, Chicago Women Developers)

    Last year, I showed up to an open invitation “hacking” day where local programmers were invited to work on their projects and help each other at an informal get together. New to programming, and just wanting to know enough to fix my own WordPress site, I was excited to attend.

    When I arrived, every seat was taken by guys so I stood and exchanged greetings with the men I knew and announced my coding problem, a man I didn’t know said, “no room for noobs with boobs at this table!” then he laughed and they all turned their heads back to their computers, nobody offered an apology, nobody offered help.

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    by Angie Chang

    Learning How To Cry, To Be A Girl – And To Be A CEO

    The great thing about being the CEO of my company is that I can define the CEO role any way I want.

    By Miki Johnson (Co-Founder, Dovetail)

    I fell off my bike last week. Or rather, I fell on my bike, since I was still very much attached to it when I locked up my brakes and laid it down. As the waves of pain and embarrassment washed over me and I shook off a nice pedestrian’s concern, an odd thought popped into my head: “I hate always being the girl.”

    “Where did that come from?” I wondered. I’ve been riding my bike in San Francisco for several years and used to commute down Market at rush hour. I’m confident about my city riding and certainly don’t think women are less proficient bikers. I do, however, ride

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    by Angie Chang

    Interview w/ Sarah Gray, Developer Of Should I Leave My Boyfriend

    The app tracks your feelings over a two-week period, graphing a quantification of what you should do.

    By Amy-Willard Cross (Editor, Vitamin W)

    If you were wondering about keeping or tossing your boyfriend, Sarah Gray has just the app for you.

    Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend is a 99 cent solution to that question. Forget quizzes or boring your friends, this app tracks your feelings over a two-week period. The result is graph which quantifies what you should do — and adds a bit of custom advice. And it’s just the first of her mobile offerings.

    Gray developed the original version of the app because

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    by Angie Chang

    Partner Event: Tech Cocktail Chicago (April 19)

    It’s 2012 and time for another Tech Cocktail Chicago gathering of the minds! Join us for an evening of fun mingling with other technology enthusiasts, investors, bloggers, and entrepreneurs as we showcase local technology companies and take a closer look at their latest achievements.

    Startups will demo in a casual expo style. Tech enthusiasts will enjoy conversation and rally on startups. Libations served.

    Women 2.0 members save 10% when you register here.