By integrating the feminine with your employees and customers, you will naturally impact their engagement.

The Feminine Workplace is a methodology and curriculum to create more engagement in your workplace for both women and men.

Masculine or Feminine?

Although traditionally masculine traits are often seen as the key to climbing the corporate ladder, it’s clear that an exclusively masculine work style is less effective than a blended approach.

Alongside the masculine, introducing the feminine on teams and in leadership leads to greater levels of engagement, stronger paths to leadership, and increased product and company innovation.

The Research

A 2011 study conducted at Stanford examined feminine and masculine traits in male and female employees and compared these traits to their rates of promotion compared to their peers.

The results were surprising: “feminine” men got 2 times the promotions of their traditionally “masculine” peers. 

And women who were adept at turning on and off their masculine sides – and intelligently using their feminine traits – got the highest level of promotion of all variations in the group…. more than masculine men, feminine men, feminine women and masculine women who were not able to “self-regulate” their masculinity.

Those workers able to blend feminine and masculine traits in the workplace tend to excel beyond their peers.

The Approach

The Feminine Workplace methodology teaches workplaces, teams and brands how to quantify, measure and grow an emotional engagement, both internally and with the consumer.

It is based on the well-established Seven Levels Framework of Engagement, and suggests that the top levels of engagement are exemplified by the addition of feminine traits.

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We offer an online course, half-day and full-day seminars, and 3-month consulting opportunities focused on building a Feminine Workplace.

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Whether you’re a manager, work for a company or are a serial entrepreneur, this course will help you redefine your leadership style and position you for continued growth.

This program is provided in partnership with Amanda Slavin, CEO & Founder of Catalyst Creativ.