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Women 2.0 discount for tickets to Founder Showcase

The Founder Showcase, by TheFunded, is a quarterly startup pitch and networking event that highlights the newest cutting-edge businesses and helps innovators gain traction in Silicon Valley. Founder Showcase will be on Tuesday evening on May 18th, 2010 at Microsoft's Silicon Valley campus. Applications for the showcase close on May 8th -- apply today for Founder Showcase. Save on Founder Showcase tickets and meet the Silicon Valley elite! Women 2.0 members receive 15% off tickets with coupon code "W20"

Watch as ten of the most promising early-stage companies, as selected by over 14,000 registered CEO Members of, present to an audience of over 200 investors, founders, and members of the press. Rebecca Lynn of Morgenthaler Ventures is now on our Investor Judging Panel for the event!

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Partner event: TechCrunch Disrupt 2010 & Hack Day

25 Takeaways from TechCrunch DisruptBy Sumaya Kazi, guest blogger for Women 2.0

TechCrunch’s first "Disrupt" conference, where media meets technology, took place May 26-28, 2010 in New York. Disrupt brought together tech luminaries, big name venture capitalists, notable angel investors, and startups competing to become the next big thing on the TechCrunch stage.

If you weren’t able to make it, TechCrunch has made it available for replay here. If you don’t want to watch 30+ hours of footage, below you'll find 15 bite-sized highlights and 10 startups worth spotlighting - all in all 25 takeaways from TechCrunch Disrupt.

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Inside scoop: Startup and Venture opportunities

Lay-offs abound, meh. Startups are thriving and incubators are being launched in the Bay Area! The undercurrent of entrepreneurship is creating jobs and we'd like to give you the inside scoop. Through the personal Women 2.0 network we are sharing a set of job and internship opportunities you wont find anywhere else. These are friends of Women 2.0 seeking to hire the best, so get on it and apply today!

If you are excited about any of the following positions, please drop us an email to with the subject line being the company name and position (ie. "Zazengo, Front-end UI Developer"). In the email, say why you want this job, why the company should hire you, a link to your LinkedIn profile, and be sure to attach your resume (ideally in PDF format). We will forward your interest on your behalf to the venture. Good luck!

Do you have a job, internship or sweat-equity opportunity available? Share it with the Women 2.0 community!

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Women 2.0 presents “Social Gaming 101” on April 15

On Thursday, April 15th, 2010, Women 2.0 held "Social Gaming 101", which featured founders and CEOs of social gaming startups in Pillsbury's Palo Alto office. The panel shared best practices, tips, tricks, and even pitfalls of designing and implementing social games. Sue Zann Toh (Co-Founder & CFO, The Broth) told war stories from her startup's early days of fixing bugs and keeping servers running. Sue Zann Toh reminds attendees that you can compete with the "big guys" even if your startup is small by launching early, and developing from there. The Broth's Barn Buddy, which launched before FarmVille, has grown to 1.7M active daily users amid stiff competition. Mari Baker (President & CEO, PlayFirst) followed up by demonstrating that the players who enter the market first aren't necessarily the ones that win the end. "Does anybody remember Netscape or Excite?" Mari Baker asked the crowd. One of her tips was to check out the worst performing games for problems to avoid. Also, Mari Baker added that having a great product is the biggest key to going viral.

During her presentation, Amy Jo Kim (Co-Founder & CEO, Shuffle Brain) shared how she put her PhD in Behavioral Neuroscience to good use in Shuffle Brain to build games that exercise the brain and prevent dementia. Shuffle Brain explored a few monetization models but finally settled on merging with a subscription game site aimed at 50 to 70 year-old users. Nevertheless, Amy Jo Kim believes earned and purchased currency models are the most promising ways to monetize social games this year. With "the free to play/virtual goods [model], you monetize your most avid players the most," Amy Jo Kim said. Having created some of the most popular social games on FaceBook including Causes, Zombies, and Vampires, panelist Blake Commagere agreed that dual-currency models have brought the best monetization opportunities to his games. "Ads... paid for your servers and kept you from starving." By acclimating users to purchasing in your game using earned currency, the up-sell to purchasing $1 digital goods is easier.

The entire panel agreed that social games require a different work structure than traditional game titles. Mari Baker reminded the audience that in social games, you will spend more "man hours after launch than before." Sue Zann Toh agrees, "the real work starts after launch." Blake Commagere quipped that if "you're not embarrassed by your product on day one, then you launched too late."

This Women 2.0 event on social gaming was open to both women and men. Special thanks to Pillsbury for sponsoring this Women 2.0 event, and Shirley Lin (Founder, YoXi123) for driving the program and panel. Julie Blaustein provided event photography, and you can find pictures from the event here.

Watch a video of Women 2.0's "Social Gaming 101" panel highlights on YouTube here.

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