A Deep Dive Into the Women 2.0 Awards


The break down and description of the awards being awarded at the first Women 2.0 Awards.

By Jessica Schimm (Digital Audience Engagement Lead, Women 2.0)

On February 12 at Hotel Kabuki, in San Francisco, 300+ women and men will come together to celebrate the icons, leaders and innovators in tech for their talent, achievement and leadership at the first Women 2.0 Awards. (Quick note: ticket prices go up Jan. 31 at midnight!)

We've listed each specific award icon and description below so you can get a better idea of the honors we will give that night. Category one focuses on icons, category two focuses on change agents, and category three focuses on trailblazers.

Category 1: Icons

founders FOUNDERS TO WATCH Applauding a high-potential startup that’s built from a core of diversity, with talent and contribution as the only keys to team selection and success. i9jrLcT_Ui_X9-gokPjupVx5mLwNbdNKE73ErjKRQW0 LEADING BY EXAMPLE PRESENTED BY KPMG Spotlighting a leading company that is actively supporting diversity in the tech startup ecosystem with education, programming, and full inclusion well beyond their four walls.

d7Xvld4hNbpvK3ia9EM-jeYDdo5jos7Z2w-VDNgI_uE CULTURE CREATOR Spotlighting a leading company that is actively supporting diversity in the tech startup ecosystem with education, programming, and full inclusion well beyond their four walls.

Category 2: Change Agents

3Y5wnpPbp2I9S2ywndfyevUVQx20lW7XQMjmYdrRV_0 ACCELERANT Celebrating the growth-driving investors who have helped elevate diverse early-stage innovations to high-potential businesses through impactful acceleration.

wXC_NcujPTJ_CdCk1N8XL5pXeqCuVeZtlH82CtepA_I CATALYST PRESENTED BY DORSEY & WHITNEY LLP Saluting the forward-thinking visionaries who are funding change through early investment in a diverse portfolio of entrepreneurs and startups.

lmteSt24JEHuQ0k_J5yE-V4ckzYbtzV5UTvHxdWB2-s 10X Saluting the high-stakes contributors who have created economic and social value through visionary investment of capital and advisory resources.

RglqzgX-yU8e2KPETvtAvO5W0eJWTKR_NEgYfJb-DtQ LUMINARY Acknowledging a visionary voice of influence who has used media to elevate visibility for the important social, economic, and innovation impact of diversity in tech.


Category 3: Trailblazers

LEGACY CREATOR Paying tribute to a leader whose long-term contribution has created lasting change for all participants in our industry – and beyond. OLVH5GqH6GLGwhuzo99ly88K6xlOug5x9U94vhIOA1Q ENGINEERING VISIONARY Celebrating a visionary builder who has harnessed the power of innovation to break through the barriers of what’s possible in tech.

tpHpWhSBtyRBUYUq9CCsbhalEG8lD88mt6pj9yONl8M IMPACT BUILDER Applauding the people who create jobs, economic growth, and lasting value by founding and building companies with noteworthy financial impact.

unstoppable THE UNSTOPPABLE AWARD PRESENTED BY MASTERCARD Elevating the example of an outstanding role model who rewrites the rules and blazes forward, reimagining what is possible for a vision-driven, game-changing tech talent.

Get your tickets to the Women 2.0 Awards, (Thursday, February 12) before prices go up tomorrow!

Photo by Erica Kawamoto Hsu.

About the author: Jessica Schimm (@JessicaSchimm) works on all things digital at Women 2.0. Before joining Women 2.0 she earned her BA in journalism, interned at SF's premier culture magazine 7x7 and was the editor-in-chief of Her Campus San Francisco. She likes to dance-walk home after work.