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guide: interviews by email

We publish relevant, insightful, meaty Q&A’s with tech and business leaders. 

We might not be at the same table, but we try to make Women 2.0 interviews like great in-person conversations.

We might not be at the same table, but we try to make Women 2.0 interviews like great in-person conversations.

What Our Audience Values

We work hard to give our audience pieces of content that are tangible and valuable. The word we use the most around here is “meaty” and, secondarily, “specific.” Please keep this in mind when you’re answering questions. 

Examples of Meat:

  • Specific advice, such as what to consider when you’re pitching for funding, a key step you may have taken to advance your career, or something you do on a regular basis as a professional.
  • Anecdotes that were important to your career or experience, and may be valuable and interesting to our audience.
  • Lessons learned, how you learned them, and what you did next time.
  • Industry trends you see as an expert/thought leader, or industry problems you think exist (bonus points for suggestions on how to fix them!)

What to Avoid

  • High-level, unspecific thoughts generally aren’t very valuable to our audience. If they can’t walk away with at least one thing to think seriously about, we would probably consider that low-quality content.
  • Interviews also doesn’t engage as well if there’s a simple regurgitation of your experience, such as lengthy bio sections.

Your Photo(s)

Please provide us with at least one current photo of yourself. Ideally, we’d love at least one “action” shot that shows you at work or out in the world, at your company or office, or doing something mentioned in your interview, and one headshot. Feel free to send several photos for us to choose from. 

Your Websites/Twitter/Bio

Since your Q&A won’t necessarily cover all the basics about you and your business and public profile, please share a 2 or 3-sentence bio with us, including a link you’d like to highlight, such as your Twitter or company page.

Your Audience

Our Q&As and other articles reach a wide audience. We share many of our articles on social media and would like to coordinate with you to reach the maximum number of readers. Please consider sharing the article, once published, with your own network on social media, and/or via email, as well. 



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