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7 Tips for Building Tech Without Building Tech

By Ellie Cachette As one of several experts in product building I am often pitched ideas--app ideas, business ideas, startup ideas, “ It’s like the uber of XYZ!” Oddly enough some of the best and most disruptive app ideas I’ve heard are from non-technical people. One of the biggest complaints I hear is how people wish they were “more technical” or “knew how to program” but the truth is 70% of an idea can be fleshed out before any coding even happens. Sometimes if you have easy access to engineers (or code yourself) you may find that hours get lost building when there wasn’t a solid plan to begin with. While the concept of “build fast, fail faster” seems reasonable to most startups, why not just figure out the tech before making tech? Why not test demand and features before any coding takes place? (see also 5 Trends to Consider with App Ideas)

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