Innovators in Asia and Mexico – we’re coming to you!

By Jin Zhou (Global Programs Manager)

Walk into Women 2.0’s office at the Hatch in San Francisco, and you’ll quickly notice the diverse international startup talent in our coworking space. People from around the world come to Silicon Valley to gain startup momentum, expertise, and to collaborate on the next Facebooks and Googles of the world.

Yet what also has been particularly exciting these last few years is the dramatic spread of Silicon Valley culture around the world. Each month seems to boast of a new list of notable new startup regional hubs with the potential to rival some of the best of what’s going on here in Silicon Valley.

Women 2.0 has grown immensely since our humble beginnings. Starting as a side project by the co-founders while they were working in their tech jobs (often as the only woman in their team), we have gone on to make global footprints in more than 20 cities with over 10,000 people attending our events annually.

This week we’re excited to announce that we are covering more global ground.

Our partnership with MasterCard has allowed us to launch Women 2.0 City Meetup in Singapore and reinvigorate our Mexico City community!

We cannot wait to see the kinds of innovation happening in these cities and look forward to strengthening and diversifying the tech ecosystem in these communities.

Get your ticket for the City Meetup Singapore Launch.

Get your ticket for City Meetup Mexico City Relaunch.


Can you help us?

We’re looking for City Meetup team members to help us put on both events, including a moderator, social media and operations position. If you or someone you know would be interested in helping volunteer please email me at jin [at] women2 [dotcom].