Great weather, amazing food… and a thriving startup community. Why not make a brand new start of it and launch your business from Bangkok?

By Darya Niknamian (Freelance Marketing & Communications Consultant)

When you think of Bangkok you likely think of Pad Thai, hot weather, Thai massages and maybe even the movie The Hangover 2.

But the city has a lot more to offer, especially on the startup scene. And people are flocking to be a part of it.

I first became aware of the startup community after moving to Bangkok to pursue an opportunity to work for a social enterprise. The organization worked out of a co-working space alongside a wide variety of startups, which was a pleasant surprise! I had the added bonus of interacting with driven individuals and teams who helped harness creativity and innovation in my daily work.

So what do you need to know if you plan on going to Bangkok for your startup? Here are a few resources for you to check out.

1. Work Alongside Others

If you’re looking to connect with like-minded individuals and want to work out of a shared space, check out some of these coworking spaces in Bangkok:

Hubba: Located in the hip Ekkami district, Hubba offers free snacks, a variety of space fit for both individuals and teams, free weekly Thai lessons and an outdoor trampoline if you require a much needed break from your laptop.

Ma:D: Located close to PAH Creative and Hubba, Ma.D is a new hub dedicated to supporting social entrepreneurship in Thailand. The space used to be a restaurant/bar and has been converted creating an open floor plan with ample tables and couches perfect for collaboration.

PAH Creative: Also located in the Ekkami district, PAH is a newer co-working space tailored to designers and creatives. The layout allows for more independent working atmosphere with 30 seats. The outside area offers a pet friendly courtyard and recreational area with items like a punching bag to relieve stress.

Launchpad: Located near BTS Surasak and a short walk from the Myanmar Embassy, this 2-story building is hard to miss! With grass carpets, bean bags, floor-to-ceiling windows, a silent room and lots of desks there is no shortage of space to get your work done.

Glowfish: Close to Asoke BTS, Glowfish also spans two floors and offers serviced offices, meeting rooms, lockers, ample meeting rooms and a virtual office if you need a Thai address or someone to forward your phone calls.

These are just a few of the spaces available around Bangkok, all of which offer unique benefits and are scattered throughout the city to accommodate your desired location and needs.

2. Meet and Greet Other Founders

There are many startup events available on a regular basis, including:

3. Live Inexpensively

It’s easy to save money living and working in Bangkok thanks to:

Tax incentives: Corporations are offered a low income tax rate between 10-30 percent and companies can take advantage of corporate tax exemption for up to eight years.

Living costs: Bangkok has many great apartments available based on your budget. I lived in a beautiful Thai-style apartment with a roommate for $250 a month. This included water, Internet, daily maid and laundry service!

Cheap yet tasty food: Anyone who has been to Thailand knows the dishes are cheap yet delicious! You can buy fresh squeezed juice or spicy curry off the street for under $2.

4. Meet Other Female Founders

There are many successful startups, many of which are founded by women, including:

Avalable: This Thailand-based social dating app uses an algorithm combining Smartphone GPS, Facebook interests, personality equations and more to find a match. Avalable also offers social games and horoscope based matching.

Computerlogy: This software development firm specializes in social media management through the platform SocialEnable.

Infinit Closet: The winner of 2012 Startup Weekend, Infinit Closet is an app that lets you share your closet inventory with your friends so they you can borrow, lend, like or even swap clothes and accessories.

Now that you’ve learned a bit more about Bangkok’s startup community, the final question you have to ask yourself is… when are you booking your ticket?

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