See the differences between the ways in which men and women use social media and smartphones.

By Amy Noble (Editorial Assistant, Women 2.0)

In the wake of their recent study on Why Women Rule Social Media, has followed up with an infographic looking into the way men and women use their smartphones and how and why they access social media.

The results may surprise you. Contrary to the image of the gamer as an adolescent male, the study found that 10% more women than men play games on their smartphones, while 13% of men use social media for dating in comparison to only 7% of women. Tech stereotypes are getting a radical shake-up.

It’s also interesting to see the way in which the two sexes use technology to benefit from deals and discounts. The QR code is proving far more popular with men, with 56% of men (and only 39% of women) scanning these codes for online deals, while 71% of women prefer to ‘Like’ or follow a brand for deals, compared to just 18% of men.

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Amy-1141bAbout the writer: Amy is a freelance editor and writer based in London. She is also a copywriter and project manager at a branding and creative agency and a freelance translator (from French into English). She studied Modern Languages at Queens’ College, Cambridge.