The sponsor of today’s Founder Friday San Francisco offers inspirational tips to help you be a woman on fire. media campBy Media Camp

Be Fearless

You could learn a lot about business and human behavior from studying Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games trilogy.   Not only is Katniss fearless in the midst of struggle; she is also able to discern what is real and what is just extraneous noise amidst the chaos.  Similarly, in starting a business, understanding your goals and listening to your strong, inner voice will help you along the way as you progress on your path.


Additionally, essential to an entrepreneur’s success is the ability to leverage resources and connect to the startup community.  As a woman in media-tech, it’s important to seek out meetups, talk to startups, meet people in your field, and go to conferences to get exposure to the challenges and blind spots in your own experience. The Women 2.0 conference is an excellent resource for thought and insights, and a great way to network with like-minded entrepreneurs, doing interesting and valuable work. Conferences like these are an easy way to build your industry connections and locate talented professionals that may become future partners!


Another resource to grow your startup is to join an accelerator program. To help support your media startup, Turner Broadcasting and Warner Bros. run a comprehensive accelerator called Media Camp, which is a great way to build and help grow your startup.  The program is limited in size so as to provide bright, driven entrepreneurs with the guidance and support customized to their businesses.  Media Camp provides formal mentorship from media industry experts, partnerships, relationship guidance, as well as, an curriculum that covers a wide range of media topics.  In addition to capital investment, Media Camp provides opportunities to showcase your startup to investors, press and other industry leaders.

More information and online application on the Media Camp accelerator can be found here:
In short, be The Girl on Fire:

  • Be fearless
  • Take advantage of resources
  • Chase your dreams…

Image credit: Kendra Miller via Flickr.