Our L.A. Founder Friday speaker on the whys and hows of starting her virtual debit card business. 

By Tina Hay (Founder & CEO, CardBlanc)

Innovation. Disruption. Social consciousness.

These are the three things that have been on my mind (obsessively) since my first professional venture over ten years ago.

I believe in creating a greater good and I believe in each and every individual doing their part to leave this world a bit better than when they entered it.

To this end, I embarked on my most recent venture: CardBlanc — a virtual debit card that unlocks a secure and seamless mobile shopping experience. The primary goal of CardBlanc is to bring a unique and never-before-available product into the hands of an underserved market: teens and young adults.

Credit cards have become more than just a tool for commerce; they often provide members-only privileges and carry with them social status and panache.

Even as we move to a cashless society, the design and aesthetics of our payment instruments still command great influence. From the beauty and simplicity of Square to the elegance of the new Coin card, we have clearly entered a new age marked by the evolution to mobile payments. With CardBlanc, I aspire to improve this new frontier by making sure everyone can participate– parents, young adults and their social media connections.

The most challenging and critical part of any startup is finding great talent and people who genuinely believe in the company’s vision. We are very lucky to have a remarkable team of innovators and advisors supporting CardBlanc. Each member was personally recommended to me by friends and colleagues, helping us form a close-knit founding group. Our team and advisors have profound insights and experience building services for the young adult market based on their collective experiences from Apple, American Express, and Activision, among others.

We set out to create something that our users would love, be proud to use, and be eager to share with their peers. We believe that in the end, it is not about mobile payments or transactions. Rather, the integrated shopping-social interaction is where customer experience really counts.

If you would like to stay up-to-date on our progress, follow us on Twitter @mycardblanc.

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Black and white headshotAbout the guest blogger: Tina Hay, founder and CEO of CardBlanc, comes from a professional background encompassing the tech, film and finance industries. As founder of Platinum Test Group and co-founder of CityTripping.com, Tina has demonstrated a proven track-record of creating successful businesses.