Springboard boasts a 13-year track record of catalyzing scalable, women-led startups with its accelerator program for healthcare and life science companies.

By Joshua Henderson (Director of Programming, Springboard Enterprises)

At Springboard, we run an annual accelerator program for high-growth, women-led companies in the life sciences and healthcare space.

Each year we induct a highly-vetted class of 10 promising biotech, medical device and healthcare IT companies and surround them with our network of experts through a four-month community-driven accelerator. The Springboard portfolio has raised $5.5 billion including 10 IPOs and legions of successful M&A transactions.

Why you should apply: I could easily write for pages about the program, our alumnae and how Springboard has had an impact on over 500 companies that have been inducted into our network over the last decade.

But I’ll spare you, since I’m sure you’d rather hear from someone who has been through the program instead. If that’s you, read this article from Bing Doh, founder of HealthCrowd, who participated in our Life Science program last year and wrote about her experience.

We’re accepting new applications until Wednesday, May 1, 2013.

Who can apply: Springboard: Life Science 2013 is a community-driven accelerator for high-growth, women-led companies in biotechnology, medical devices and healthcare IT. The program leverages a 13 year-track record of catalyzing scalable businesses and taps into the expertise of its global network of innovators, influencers and investors to provide opportunities for relationship-building, targeted in-person and virtual coaching sessions, and a variety of presentation assessment opportunities.

The criteria to apply is simple:

  • A woman in a key management position with a significant equity stake.

  • A track record of milestone achievement, which may include: grants, beta clients, revenue, partners, etc.

  • A profitable market opportunity with a defensible competitive advantage.

  • A credible core management team or the ability to attract one.

Apply here or email programs@springboardenterprises.org if you have any questions about the program.

Photo credit: TipsTimes on Flickr.

Women 2.0 readers: What’s your favorite woman-led health or life science startup?

About the guest blogger: Joshua Henderson is Director of Programming at Springboard Enterprises, and irrationally committed (hat tip to Seth Godin) to supporting, promoting, coaching and connecting high-growth, women-led businesses. Joshua runs forum programs and manages the relationships between the entrepreneurs, investors, coaches, external partners and corporate connections in the Springboard community. Follow him on Twitter at @SpringboardEnt.