Cindy Gallop’s site “If We Ran The World” encourages members to tap into great intentions and get help to follow through. Breaking down big goals into “microactions” that members can accomplish to chip away at audacious goals.

By Jazmin Hupp (Director of Marketing, Tekserve)

In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8, here are some of the female entrepreneurs bringing new business (and new jobs) to New York City. Tell us who we missed in the comments!

Marleen Vogelaar of Shapeways

If you’re not ready to drop $2,000+ on your own 3D printer, Shapeways has 50 printers ready to churn out your masterpiece from their new factory in Long Island City. You submit your own 3D design for anything from jewelry to replacement parts, and Shapeways will deliver it to you. It’s the future of customized manufacturing – 10 minutes from midtown.

Lori Cheek of Cheek’d

Lori leverages technology to create in-person connections. Cheek’d gives members 50 sleek black business cards with flirtatious lines, their first name, and a unique URL. Slip one in the pocket of that cutie on the subway to spark a match without revealing your contact information. Follow her on Twitter at @LoriCheekNYC.

Sara Chipps of Girl Develop It

Girl Develop It was the first programming class I’ve ever attended that broke down gender stereotypes and showed how coding can be a collaborative process that anyone can learn. Sara Chipps’ organization is now teaching female developers around the world. Follow her blog at

Katia Beauchamp of Birchbox

Subscription services for products are soooooo in right now, and Birchbox is one of the reasons why. Each month, customers receive a box of beauty product samples in the mail (men’s and women’s versions are available). Customers can then buy full-sized versions of their favorites from the Birchbox website. Follow her on Twitter at @katiawb.

Cindy Gallop of IfWeRanTheWorld

If We Ran The World encourages members to tap into great intentions and get help to follow through. Breaking down big goals into “microactions” that members can accomplish to chip away at audacious goals. I’d tell you all about her other company, MakeLoveNotPorn, but not while I’m at work 😉 Follow her on Twitter at @CindyGallop.

Caren Maio of Nestio

Caren recognized how stressful and time-consuming searching for the perfect NYC apartment can be. Nestio simplifies the process by allowing you (and your roommates) to consolidate a tangle of apartment listings and get the information you need. Follow her on Twitter at @CarenMaio.

Alexis Tryon of Artsicle

Here are two ladies taking fine art to the masses. Artsicle allows you to rent original art for your wall starting at $25 a month. Art rentals provide the artists with a new, reliable stream of income while allowing you to redecorate your home or office as your mood changes. Follow her on Twitter at @AlexisTryon.

Jen Bekman of 20×200

With a traditional art gallery on Spring Street, Jen couldn’t sell affordable art through a gallery system geared to supply a small group of very wealthy people with a high-touch sales process. 20×200 offers prints starting at just $20 online. Watch her video interview with Women 2.0 or follow her on Twitter at @Jenbee.

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About the guest blogger: Jazmin Hupp is the Director of Marketing at Tekserve, the independent Apple computer store in New York City that specializes in Apple solutions for business. This piece originally appeared on Tekserve’s Blog, which covers the the best ways to integrate technology into your lifestyle. She is launching a new competition or startups creating the next great consumer tech product called The Tekstuff Prize. Follow her on Twitter at @jazminhupp

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