As a startup CEO, I am constantly juggling more than I can possible keep in the air.
By Paige Brown (Co-Founder & CEO, BookingMarkets)

It hass been a wild and crazy ride so far at TechStars Boston – the learning curve is moving faster than I ever imagined. They keep us extremely busy with mentor meetings, workshops and sessions. We at BookingMarkets are pivoting, improving our existing business model and are on the track to something really amazing.

In the last few weeks, we participated in workshops with TechStars directors and mentors – mapping the business model, talking about agile development and learning how to define the right product features.

Most importantly, I realized TechStars makes us confront things we try to hide.

Do you when you were a kid and your mom told you to clean up your room? If you were anything like me, you made the room “appear” to be clean. But once someone opens the closet, the drawers or looked under the bed, it would be easy to figure out where the mess went. This “sweeping it under the rug” behavior doesn’t go away as an adult or even as an entrepreneur.

As a startup CEO, I am constantly juggling more than I can possible keep in the air.

There will always be holes in the business, problems that haven’t been solved yet, data that hasn’t been researched. That’s life. However, startup CEOs and founders are expert at sweeping this under the rug.

At TechStars Boston, they are forcing us to face these issues – the ones we try to ignore and sweep under the rug.

It is only when you face issues and fears head on that the business will truly be able to move forward.

So I challenge you all today, whether in a startup or not, to dig deep and find the things you have been ignoring, face them and come up with a plan to create a solution. Stop sweeping it under the rug!

Photo credit: Evil Erin on Flickr.

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About the guest blogger: Paige Brown is Co-Founder and CEO of BookingMarkets in the TechStars Boston program. Prior to founding BookingMarkets, Paige spent four years working on startups in the travel industry. She was the first woman accepted into the Start-Up Chile program with her first startup, Tripeezy. She has over six years experience in marketing and strategy. Paige holds an MBA from the Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University. Follow her on Twitter at @sweetcarolinepb.