Showcase your fashion or e-commerce goods at PITCH NYC Conference to hundreds of entrepreneurs and technologists!
By Sepideh Nasiri (Vice President of All Things Offline, Women 2.0)

We’re excited to come to New York from San Francisco, bringing our PITCH Conference to the fashion capital of the world. We would like to invite and include emerging and current fashion designers to showcase their products (jewelry, shoes, purses, dresses, clothes, etc) at our Fashion 2.0 Alley on November 14 at the PITCH NYC Conference.

This is a rare opportunity to expose your brand – jewelery, clothing, shoes, purses – to hundreds of smart, achieving women of the Women 2.0 community.

We have designated an area at the conference where you can showcase your designs and offer your designs to our attendees for purchase. We hope that this brings visibility and helps fashion startups and e-commerce to grow their companies.

You can purchase your demo table to be part of the Fashion 2.0 Alley here.

Women 2.0 readers: What kind of fashion would you like to see at PITCH NYC Conference? Let us know in the comments!

Sepideh (“Sepi”) Nasiri is Vice President of All Things Offline at Women 2.0. Sepi started her career as a Managing Editor of a LA Global Magazine out of college. The written word has always been her passion. She is an avid technology enthusiast and a board member of several non-profits due to her passion for philanthropy. She is currently an advisor to several early-stage startups. Sepi launched her first app The Date Saver Platinum in 2010, a clean tech mobile app. Follow her on Twitter at @SepidehN.