A collection of CSS, JavaScript, and image files that help you to quickly build great looking web applications.
By Adda Birnir (Co-Founder, Balance Media & Skillcrush)

Twitter Bootstrap is a collection of CSS, JavaScript and image files that help you to quickly build great looking web applications.

You might remember from our HTML Week that a boilerplate is a collection of code files that take care of all the pesky required stuff and allow you to focus on the features and functionality that make your project unique.

Twitter Bootstrap goes one step further by making it easy to get some of the standard web application functionality in place. Want great looking forms, modals, and dropdown menus? Yeah, Twitter Bootstrap’s got that. Looking to make your site responsive so that it looks great on mobile phones? With Twitter Bootstrap’s fluid grid and responsive CSS that’s a cinch. Want a clean looking site with beautiful blue buttons and heavy use of Helvetica? Twitter Bootstrap is for you!

Now, granted, in the long run you will probably want to create some custom CSS styles for your site that don’t fit in the with blue button, Helvetica aesthetic of Twitter Bootstrap. We for one, love us some white script fonts and reddish, orange backgrounds.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t still put Twitter Bootstrap to use! In our experience, it’s not actually the user-facing side of the web app that most developers need help styling, it’s the CMS or admin interface. And that is where Twitter Bootstrap really shines. As long as you put together a reasonably decent admin architecture (meaning that that users are able to easily navigate between sections), Twitter Bootstrap will make all those tabs and text inputs and buttons look amazing.

Now try this:

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