Still, Sequoia concedes its lack of woman general partners. “We agree there’s an issue and we’re eager to work with more people from diverse and interesting backgrounds,” Kovacs said.

By Connie Guglielmo (Contributing Writer, Forbes)

Award-winning actress Geena Davis, who started a foundation to study how women are portrayed in the media, spoke at the Women Presidents’ Organization in April and said women make up just 17% of the population in Congress, among film narrators and in crowd scenes in movies.

“It almost seems like you have to go deliberately out of your way to leave out that many women,” Davis said. Ellen Pao, a junior partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, is suing the VC firm over discrimination. Those aren’t the only places it seems that way.

An informal survey of a half-dozen, high-profile venture capital firms in Silicon Valley makes that 17% seem like a good number.

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Photo credit: Ed Yourdon on Flickr.