Looking ahead, investors may find themselves at a disadvantage if they don’t invest in companies run by women, including those with children. That’s because “women are going to be a huge force in developing Web and mobile companies,” says Ms. Lee at Kleiner Perkins.

By Hannah Seligson (Contributor, New York Times)

Fledgling companies are like sticky-fingered toddlers. You’ve got to watch them every single minute.

And yet a small group of women is proving that it’s possible to start a high-growth technology company and have children at the same time. They are dispelling the image of the tech entrepreneur as a single, usually male, wunderkind. Consider Jennifer Fleiss, 28, co-founder of Rent the Runway, an online dress and accessories rental site with 2.5 million members. She gave birth to a daughter, Daniella, in December.

And there’s Carley Roney, 43, co-founder of the XO Group, a publicly traded media company valued at $300 million. Her three children range in age from 4 to 14.

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