The husband-and-wife entrepreneur team at Buddy Media celebrates yet another company acquisition today.

By Angie Chang (Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Women 2.0)

Social media management software company Buddy Media, co-founded by COO Kass Lazerow and her husband Michael Lazerow, had raised $54 million in Series D funding last year. Today, news broke that Buddy Media will be acquired by Salesforce for $689 million.

The announcement reported that Salesforce will buy Buddy Media for roughly $467 million in cash, $184 million in Salesforce common stock, and $38 million in vested company options and restricted stock units.

Kass Lazerow will be added to Women 2.0’s list of female founders to watch who are literally married to their co-founders. Note this is not Kass and Michael Lazerow’s first venture. Prior to Buddy Media, they co-founded, which sold to Time Inc. in 2006. At, Kass was co-founder, President and COO, where she helped take the company from an idea to a multi-million dollar consumer internet company.

In recent days, Kass’s husband Michael authored an Inc article titled “Why I Have Sex With My Co-founder” in which he says “Be as diligent in picking a co-founder as you are in picking a spouse. Does the other person share your values and work ethic? Can he disagree in a respectful way? Can she put up with your biggest weaknesses without trying to change who you are? If there’s any doubt, walk away immediately. Start your business with someone you truly love. I haven’t tried the alternative. But it doesn’t seem like starting a business with someone you don’t like makes any sense at all. Life is just too short.”

For a more personal look at Kass Lazerow, read Gotham Gal’s writeup.

Congrats to Kass Lazerow, Michael Lazerow and the entire Buddy Media team!

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