This year, L’Oréal is celebrating five women in technology helping advance the beauty industry.

By Rachel Weiss (VP Digital Strategy, L’Oréal)

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure to lead one of the most exciting projects of my career announcing the launch of L’Oréal Women in Digital.

L’Oréal’s Women in Digital Program focuses on all women working in digital marketing, technology and IT functions by providing recognition, testing opportunities and recruitment opportunities focusing on how technology is revolutionizing the beauty industry. Our vision is to address the beauty industry with technology created by women targeting our core female consumers. This year we will be awarding five women as our Next Generation Awards indentifying and celebrating those who are building technology to help us advance the beauty industry.

As a digital marketer focusing on creating new innovative ways to market our products through digital channels, I saw the following challenges:

  1. Female entrepreneurs lacking mentorship to guide them through the process of working with large companies. Why am I not seeing a lot of startups lead by women coming through our corporate doors especially when we are so vocal about seeking innovative ways to address our customers?
  2. Lack of presence of women working at tech agencies to help us come up with solutions to build our business. I have so many meetings where a male executive starts it off with, “I asked my wife about your products….”
  3. Difficulty in hiring and recruiting talented female IT professionals into our organization.
  4. Need for a sense of community of women working in technology on all fronts to support, guide and educate each other as a collective force across all industries and functions.

L’Oréal’s core focus has always been about making women feel beautiful and empowered. I realized that we as corporate citizens and the world’s largest beauty company have a tremendous opportunity to really make a difference to support women in technology both externally and internally. I’ve had the challenges of being an “intrepeneur” and know how hard it can be raising money, selling in a program to the men in charge and bootstrapping a business from the ground up over the past year.

Now, I am proud to be the chair of a program that can provide us all with opportunities to help solve the challenges we face together and build meaningful digital experiences created by women and for women. I’m also thrilled that Women 2.0 is our partner as we share the same mission. Together, I invite all of you to join us in our mission, nominate someone or yourself and if you are interested, apply for jobs at L’Oréal which is an amazing place to work!

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About the guest blogger: Rachel Weiss is the VP of Digital Strategy at L’Oréal. She leads L’Oréal’s initiative supporting Women in Digital identifying and celebrating female entrepreneurs by working with VC companies and non-profit organizations advocating digital and IT careers for women along with mentorship programs and testing opportunities. Prior to L’Oréal, she was Vice President, eBusiness, at Citi Cards. Follow her on Twitter at @nycbabylon.